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Who Is Lifetrack?

LifeTrack started its existence in 2009.

We identified the need for bespoke telemetry solutions to monitor individuals, vehicles and assets.

To this end Lifetrack acquired the rights to market, install and provide services with internationally utilized products such as the MHub devices from Scope Technology and the portable solutions from SafelinQ.

Lifetrack has the ability to deliver tailor made solutions to meet almost any requirement and ensure that the client has a reliable solution, that they have been part of designing. We pride ourselves in the fact that most of the telemetry and tracking solutions offered today are “off the shelf” products, that are designed for the mass market. Lifetrack on the other hand is able to listen to the client’s requirements, then select from the range of products that we have, a solution that fits the client’s needs, and suits the financial model that the client is restricted to.

South Africa was proud to host the 2010 World Cup Soccer event and LifeTrack was privileged to provide it services to one of the main sponsors, Visa. Lifetrack was able to provide a service that ensured that all of the guests and employees of Visa that visited South Africa during the 2010 World Cup were always in areas that would not compromise their safety. The project was a resounding success and we are looking forward to providing the same solution in 2014 in Brasil.

Lifetrack provides solutions to all sectors. Our products are being used by major fleet operators that run their vehicles across sub-Saharan Africa. The client can view their vehicles from wherever they are, as long as they have access to the internet. All emergency situations are immediately communicated to the responsible person/s, at the time of the incident.

Lifetrack is able to meet your specific requirement.

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